Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Last week Emt would have been 32 years old.  The day came and went with little fanfare, with the dreary weather complementing my mood.  The crisp fall air that has finally made its way to Nashville signals Emt's favorite time of year.  He relished fall, with its unpredictable chilliness and would have been invigorated by a freezing walk through the neighborhood to help Quinn trick-or-treat.  Emt always seemed to come alive in fall, and his playful mood would make you forget the cold.

I, on the other hand, find myself strangely mute these days.  After hanging out with some of Emt's college friends a few weeks ago, I thought, "gosh, I'm boring!"  Now don't get me wrong, I really enjoy being boring.  I've had plenty of drama, but as I read through Project E4:E5, a collection of notes to Quinn about his dad put together by a couple of amazing friends, I remembered how much laughter Emt brought to my life.  Although Quinn and I are pretty good at being silly together, I find that I rarely laugh, at least not with the kind of laughter Emt drew out of me.

So I've been praying for more laughter in my life.  


  1. You'll find laughter again, but that kind of laughter that Emt drew from you was special. You definitely had a connection that cannot be imitated!

    In the meantime, would a chocolate ganache cake help? :) Miss you, friend!

  2. Ok.
    You're pretty much awesome.
    I'm your newest fan!
    Can't wait to read more!!
    Christa @ themeandminebook.blogspot.com