Monday, November 14, 2011


This morning was the kind of morning where you step outside your door and just long for an adventure.  The weather was mild, and the sky was moving from overcast to sunny and back within the span of minutes.  As I took the dog for a short walk, I noticed the birds were as intoxicated as I felt, hurrying about and shrieking with a frenetic glee.  It was a sweet morning, the first in goodness only knows how long that I woke up with a light heart.

It made me think of the short story called, The Light Princess by George MacDonald.  It is a very charming story about a princess who feels no gravity, so she has to be carefully tethered down lest she float away when doing something as mundane as getting out of bed.  Light-heartedness has become so foreign that just contrasting it with my usual heaviness made me feel dangerously unstable.  It was nice for the weather to conspire with my mood, threatening to sweep me away without warning.

Just an image.  A feeling.  That is all, but for today, that was more than enough.


  1. May you have many more days of lightness! (And now I'm very intrigued and must read this short story)

  2. I'm so glad for you for this kind of lightness in the midst of heaviness. In awe of how God continues to care for you in so many ways.