Monday, October 3, 2011


I haven't written much lately because there wasn't much to say.

I got to the point last week where things were moving along fine, but I still seemed to carry a deep sadness.  How do you communicate that without wallowing in self-pity?  How do you propel yourself forward each day with intentional perseverance while gracefully acknowledging the grief?  I'm not sure I've found that balance, yet, and my moods still vary so widely I feel like an infant being tossed about on the waves.  Sometimes it is better to be silent.

So last Friday I left Quinn with friends and made my way up to a Trappist monastery in Kentucky called Gethsemani Abbey for the weekend.  It was an unexpected, last minute getaway, and I was looking forward to some rest (didn't happen), reading (happened), hiking (happened) and praying (happened).  I'll spend the next few days blogging about some of my wanderings, both reflective (on some of my readings) and humorous (on getting lost in the back woods of Kentucky).

But for now, I am attempting to catch up with life, which is demanding this time of year.

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