Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Last Friday I was cleaning out some files on my phone, specifically several dozen pictures taken by Quinn, mostly of his fingers, when I came across some old videos I'd made of Emmett with Quinn.  It was weird to hear Emt's voice again, to see his smile and silly jokes.  It reminded me of how much laughter he brought to our home.  

Then Monday I was looking through something in my office when I came across Emt's last journal where he had prayed for me, for strength to keep fighting, for healing and so many other things.  The unexpected rush of emotions was a bit overwhelming.  Quinn came in the room shortly thereafter, and after asking me what was wrong, he said, "Mom, just imagine a bird playing drums, that would be so silly!"  And, in an attempt to make me laugh, he kept telling me to imagine different animals playing the drums.  I have no idea where he picked up on that skill, but it was both funny and heart-breakingly sweet at the same time.

So we laughed together, and I spent some time thanking God for the gift of my son, who, like his father, is one of the very few people on earth that can make me laugh that kind of deep, soul cleansing laughter.  Tonight I'm specifically praying for a house full of more sweet laughter.


  1. Children are an important link to healing, and hearing about Quinn's creative little mind just reminds me of the gift God created from Emmett and you!

  2. Laughter is the best medicine and a child's love and laughter can bring about a smile.. just when you needed it most. It's amazing how children just know!