Friday, February 20, 2015

snow day revelations

Things I've learned from our epic ice/snow break.

  1. The topography of my neighborhood, with its perfect combination of hills and shade is excellent for sledding. We may still be iced in come May.
  2. Neighbors with children your son's age are the best.
  3. Be careful where you start sledding because instead of going the anticipated 20 yards, you may run into an elderly, confused beagle way at the other end of the street.
  4. Having an impossibly long to do list is a really good thing when you're snowed in for four days. 
  5. All these years I've been thinking I don't get to folding the laundry because I have other things to do when actually it turns out that I will do just about anything to procrastinate folding laundry.
  6. I don't get bored. I'm too nerdy. My laundry may never get folded.
  7. Quinn is not nearly nerdy enough. We're going to have to work on that.
  8. I may play like an 8 year old, but I hurt like an old lady.
  9. Number 8 leads me to point out that sledding for three straight days when you're recovering from a pinched nerve and separated shoulder and you're allergic to ibuprofen will cause pain so bad you think you're dying. 
  10. The postal service motto apparently no longer applies...
Here's to more snow!

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